The book follows an industrial organisation approach to study and evaluate competition issues that have emerged in the tourism industry. Although much valued research on competition has been undertaken for individual tourism sectors, the treatment of competition issues in an integrated manner is still under-represented academically. Moreover, anecdotal discussions of the editor with competition policymakers, lawyers and economists show that for the prevailing conventional wisdom, competition issues are only marginally related to tourism: hence, the need for a useful benchmark study to challenge this belief. The book is written in a management rather than a hard core technical economic style. An explicitly mathematical perspective would be appealing perhaps to theoreticians in academic economic departments but it would most probably discourage readers in business school communities (academics and students) and policymaking (at national and local scales) who are the primary target audience of this book. Under no condition, however, does this mean that the quality and insightfulness of the book have been compromised: inter alia, the decision to produce an edited rather than a single-authored book is justified on the grounds of bringing together a group of people who are recognised as experts in their own field.


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