The studies in this book have covered a wide range of aspects of aviation, leisure tourism, and the linkages between them. By way of conclusion, we draw together some of these themes which have been discussed- these cut across the different chapters. Some key themes which emerge are: the Changing Aviation Industry; Aviation Policy and its Implications for Leisure Tourism; The Tyranny of Density; The Emergence of Airports as Tourism Stakeholders; Constraints on Growth; and Innovation and its Impacts. Both aviation and leisure tourism are industries which are undergoing change- we have highlighted some of the more significant of these. Naturally, uncertainties exist, and the outcomes of several issues and processes, and their implications for these industries, have yet to be resolved. Thus some of the unresolved issues are Future Developments of Airline Business Models; Climate Change and its Implications; Resolving the Development versus Environment Trade-Off; and the Emerging Giants: India and China


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