Consulting Projects in Aviation

03/2015 - 03/2019:
Member of the Management Committee of COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Action TU1408 (Air Transport and Regional Development). This Action investigates the relationship between air transport and regional development. The benefits that may be derived from it are both scientific and societal in nature. They include a better understanding of that relationship focusing on Europe; policy recommendations on how air transport infrastructure and service improvements should be made in orderto support economic competitiveness and social cohesion; and the constitution of a network of researchers dedicated to air transport and its economic, social and environmental implications aligned with Europe 2020 strategy. The Action has an annual budget of approximately 100,000 euros to cover travel, networking and knowledge dissemination expenses.

10/2013 - 12/2015:
Attracting Low Cost Carriers and Developing Successful Negotiating Policies for Local Authorities” (in Greek). Funded by the Region of South Aegean, Greece this study aims at developing a toolkit for local policymakers and destination managers to successfully attract low cost carriers in their destinations based on advantageous terms for the latter. The study is complemented by a related training seminar and advice upon request to the Region of South Aegean. Professor Papatheodorou was the Scientific Co-ordinator of this project which has a budget of 20,000 euros + VAT.

“The Importance of Low Cost Carriers” (in Greek). This is a consultation document prepared by Professor Papatheodorou as a freelance adviser on behalf of the Dodecanesian Chamber of Commerce, Rhodes, Greece (funding source). The budget was 2,000 euros.

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