Professor Papatheodorou has diverse experience as academic manager (primarily related to his job as Dean of the London College of Hospitality and Tourism at the University of West London, UK) and research manager (mainly associated with his psoition as Director of the Laboratory for Tourism Research and Studies and Member of the Research Committee at the University of the Aegean, Greece). He also holds a number of elected offices.
07/2017 to date:
Deputy President, Department of Tourism Economics and Management, University of the Aegean, Greece
The Department of Tourism Economics and Management (TourEM) at the School of Business, Chios Island, University of the Aegean was established in February 2017 to offer high quality education in tourism development and management of related businesses. Upon the completion of a four-year BA degree, the Department aims at preparing its students to become highly qualified professionals in the tourism sector and/or pursue further academic specialization in the field. The Deputy President is responsible to the President for TourEM’s academic affairs, and deputises for the President as needed in other areas. The role has a strategic focus on all aspects of the Department’s academic activities and services.
10/2015 – 06/2016:
Dean, London College of Hospitality and Tourism, University of West London
The Dean provides vision, direction and leadership for the academic and professional development of the London College of Hospitality and Tourism. As a member of the University's senior management group the Dean contributes proactively to the development of the university, working with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. In the context of his duties and responsibilities Professor Papatheodorou undertakes both strategic and operational tasks. In terms of the former, Professor Papatheodorou:
1.Provides strategic direction and ambassadorial academic leadership within the context of university priorities.
2.Leads the formulation and implementation of the College’s academic plan for teaching and learning, research, and enterprise; sets ambitious objectives that fit with the University's academic plans and strategies; and provides strategies to implement them across the College.
3.Continually oversees the enhancement of the student experience - overseeing the implementation and outcomes related to the design and delivery of courses within the remit of the College; overseeing the provision of student engagement mechanisms, and feedback processes and practice; and ensuring that student support mechanisms in the College meet the highest standards and comply fully with university and external requirements in respect of quality (e.g., QAA), student satisfaction, and other key performance indicators.
4.Encourages, supports and facilitates scholarship, research and entrepreneurial activity, ensuring the College identifies and pursues external funding and income-generating activities meeting university targets.

5.Enhances academic leadership within and beyond the College, embracing the range of disciplines represented, by providing, in partnership with the Pro Vice-Chancellors and the Directors of Central Services, a coherent vision for teaching, learning, research, scholarship, enterprise and employer engagement.
6.Builds and maintains external relations essential to the College’s and university's business, promoting the University to external bodies and organisations and enhancing its reputation, profile and influence in UK and international forums.

7.Collaborates with other Heads of School/Deans and central services to identify new opportunities for university-wide and interdisciplinary developments.
8.Supports the University's strategy for submissions to the research excellence framework; and lead all research activities within the College, including through the setting-up of a new research centre for Aviation and Tourism.
 In terms of operational tasks, Professor Papatheodorou:
9.Oversees the delivery of an outstanding student learning experience by ensuring effective arrangements are in place – through Heads of Subjects and Course Leaders - for the delivery, quality assurance and enhancement of all programmes, modules and fields and develop where possible flexible modes of delivery.
10.In collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, drives the development of a dynamic and innovative portfolio of undergraduate, taught postgraduate, and CPD programmes supportive of the University's strategic plan.
11.Drives and oversees the development and implementation of an effective and proactive employer engagement strategy, building on existing links, and developing new collaborations, so that relevant professional and employability skills are integrated into the curriculum and that all students benefit from exposure to the professional practice of their discipline.
12.In partnership with the relevant central services, develops and delivers an effective student recruitment, progression and retention strategy.
13.Identifies and delivers achievable research and enterprise income generation targets and ensure that the College is positioned to take advantage of funding initiatives both within the UK and internationally.
14.Supports the development of the University's submission for the Research Excellence Framework (REF).
15.Attracts, manages and retains staff in the College to achieve academic excellence, ensuring their development, appraisal and performance review, and effective deployment in alignment with the University's policies and procedures.
16.Works with Heads of Subject to implement comprehensive, accurate and timely timetabling and workload allocation processes, ensuring effectiveness, efficiency, equity and fairness, consistent with university requirements.
17.Takes responsibility for regular and effective communication within the College and across the University.
18.With the assistance of the College’s financial accountant, develops, implements and operationally manages an annual College budget in line with the University's resource allocation model, ensuring the highest standards of financial probity.
19.Engages in own programme of practice development, research and publication.
20.Actively supports the academic and business operations of the University through contribution to and membership of College and university working groups and committees.
21.Ensures that all relevant university policies and procedures are communicated and complied with.
22. Represents the University and the College and undertake other appropriate tasks commensurate with the grade, as required by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor.
04/2012 – 10/2015:
Director of Laboratory for Tourism Research and Studies, Department of Business Administration, University of the Aegean, Greece
The Laboratory for Tourism Research and Study (ETEM) has operated in the Department of Business Administration at the University of the Aegean since 2000 and is located in Chios, Greece. ETEM aims to satisfy the teaching and research needs of the University in various tourism-related areas. ETEM also provides high-quality specialized research and consultancy in various areas of tourism related to the following areas: Air Transport, Destination Management and Development, Economics, Environment, Sociology, Information Technology and E-Business, Marketing, Education and Training, Hospitality, Management of Organizations. ETEM aims at becoming a centre of excellence of tourism research at a global level and for this reason it has engaged into the active internationalization of its profile over the last years through its participation in EU-funded projects and collaboration with academic and professional organization world-wide.
2010 to date:

Member of the Committee in charge of the Translation of the Student Handbook from Greek to English, Department of Business Administration, University of the Aegean
2007 – 2014:

Deputy Member (until October 2008) and Full Member (thereafter of the Research Committee, University of the Aegean)
Responsibility for examining and approving research programmes and budgets submitted by the University members of staff.
2007 to date:
Elected Member of the Executive Board, International Association for Tourism Economics
The International Association for Tourism Economics aims to contribute to the development and application of tourism economics as a science and instrument for policy making; to improve communication and contacts between teachers, researchers and students in tourism economics all over the world; to improve communication and contacts between tourism economics and other fields in economics and in other disciplines; to develop and encourage cooperation between university level teaching institutions and research institutions so as to promote knowledge of the concepts and applications of economic analysis to tourism issues and policy analysis.
2006 to date:

Member of Academic Staff Electoral Boards at the University of the Aegean (internal panellist), the University of Piraeus (external panellist) and the University of Patras, Greece (external panellist)
2006 to date:
Erasmus Programme Academic Coordinator, University of the Aegean
Responsibility for academic matters regarding incoming and outgoing students participating in the Socrates – Erasmus exchange university programme.
2006 to date:

Member of the Postgraduate Studies Committee, Department of Business Administration, University of the Aegean
Responsibility for academic matters concerning postgraduate studies.


2006 to date:
Elected Member of the Executive Board, Hellenic Aviation Society
The Hellenic Aviation Society is a highly dynamic scientific non-profitable forum on aviation issues in Greece, which aims to contribute to the progress and promotion of scientific work in air transport; to present and promote the role of aviation and its contribution to the economic, political and social development to the wider public of Greece; to offer survey, research and advisory assistance to governmental and private institutions involved in aviation; to collaborate with Higher Education Institutions and other organizations engaged in the area of aviation; and to create and to keep Historical Archives and a Library for both Hellenic and international aviation.
2006 to date:
St Antony’s College (University of Oxford) Liaison Officer in Greece
Focus on career development and networking opportunities in collaboration with the Development Office at St Antony’s, organisation of events for Antonians in Greece.
2006 to 2009:
University of Surrey Alumni contact in Greece
Focus on career development and networking opportunities in collaboration with the Surrey Alumni Society, organisation of events for Surrey graduates in Greece.

Member of the Monitoring and Evaluation Committee of an open tender process initiated by the Department of Business Administration, University of the Aegean to select the supplier of 22 laptops for its academic staff.

Leader of the MSc Programme in Tourism and Air Transport Management, School of Management, University of Surrey, UK
Responsibility for the curriculum and the effective management of this innovative MSc Programme offered in the academic year 2003-04 (initially in collaboration with Dr M. Bennett).

The introduction of this MSc Programme was welcomed by both the academia and the industry; however, the School discontinued the autonomous operation of the Programme in the context of restructuring and merging its academic programmes in tourism.
Leader of the Master Entry Programme, School of Management, University of Surrey, UK
Responsibility for the academic content and efficient administration of the Master Entry Programme based upon the agreed strategies and policies of the School.

Consultation of the Postgraduate Board of Studies and Management Team of the School on new trends for the development of the Programme.

Co-ordination of a twelve-member committee that reviewed the aims and objectives, the contents structure, the admissions criteria and the marketing strategy of the Programme in 2001. Subsequent preparation of a report with recommendations for thorough changes approved by the Postgraduate Board of Studies of the School.

The restructuring of the Master Entry Programme was very successful in terms of admissions in the academic years 2002-03 and 2003-04.
President of the Oxford University Greek Society (> 200 members)

Member of the Executive Committee of the Union of Graduates of Lycée Léonin, the oldest Greek-French School founded in 1838
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