The air transport sector has been closely related to the tourism industry since its emergence. As a matter of fact, the existence of the air transport product complements the supply capacity of the tourism industry. The demand for air transport services is derived to a very large extent, as most people fly to engage in spatially determined activities related among others to leisure, business and sport practicing. In 1980, approximately 35% of international tourists travelled by air, whereas at present this percentage is close to 50%. In addition to air transport, the cruise industry and the hospitality-accommodation sector constitute a large part of the tourism circuit as they provide the basic means for a tourist to enjoy holidays in a place different from home. Such a holistic view of tourism has been embraced by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou who is widely known for founding easyJet - one of Europe’s largest low-cost carriers - as well as other tourism-related “easy” brands such as easyCruise, easyHotel and easyCar. Further to a short biography of Stelios, a justification of his acknowledgment as a Giant of Tourism is provided by this chapter; this is followed by a presentation of the corporate achievements of his flagship company, easyJet, and some of his other companies before concluding.


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