Examination of thirty five (38) doctoral theses in five (5) countries (Greece, United Kingdom, Norway, Australia and New Zealand). In particular:
Examination of ten (10) doctoral theses as member of the supervisory committee at the University of the Aegean, Greece:
1. Arvanitis, P. (2014) Evolutionary Traffic Patterns in Greek Airports: An Economic Geography of Tourism Approach (in Greek)
2. Athanasiou, K. (2013) Educational Tourism as a Form of Special Interest Tourism: Incoming Student Tourism in Greece as a Case Study (in Greek)
3. Kontos, G. (2014) Design and Development of a Service Management Framework for Business Continuity (in English)
4. Loi, C. (2014) Effectiveness of the International and National Legel Framework in Sustainable Tourism Development: The Case of Rhodes (in Greek)
5. Pappas, Ν. (2006) Τhe Economic, Social and Spatial Dimensions of Tourism through the Perceptions of Key Informants in Rhodes (in Greek)
6. Poulaki, Ι. (2016) Geographical Discontinuity, Accessibility and Air TransportLiberalization: The Case of Eastern Aegean Sea Islands in Greece (in Greek)
7. Tsiakali, Κ. (2015) Tourists' Personality and Consumer Behaviour in Social Media (in English)
8. Tsilimbokos, K. (2016) Sustainable Hotel Enterprises and Sustainable TourismDevelopment (in Greek)
9. Vasileiou, Μ. (2014) Tourism Development and Special Interest Tourism - Wellness Tourism in Greece (in Greek)
10. Zenelis, P. (2011) Low Cost Carriers and Tourism: The Case of Greece (in Greek)


Examination of fourteen (14) doctoral theses as member of the examination committee (i.e. not involved in the supervision of the theses) at the University of the Aegean, Greece:
11. Diakomichalis, Μ. (2006) Maritime Tourism: The Estimation of its Impacts to the Greek Economy via the Tourism Satellite Account and its Connection with the National Accounting System (in Greek)
12. Gkoumas, Α. (2013) Tourism Soundscapes: Acoustic Environment and Branding of Tourism Enterprises: The Case Study of Cafe del Mar in Ibiza (in Greek)
13. Griba, Ε. (2005) Conditions and Perspectives of Business Tourism Development in Greece (in Greek)
14.Karagianni, O. (2016) The Tourism – Migration Nexus in Insular Second Homes: Examination and Evaluation of Impacts on Local Sustainability – The Case of Andros (in Greek)
15. Kontis, Α. P. (2014) Factors in Multichannel Marketing Mix Configuration for Urban Hotels: Optimization Framework in Decision-Making, based on the Data Envelopment Analysis (in Greek)
16. Louizidi, Α. (2015) The Influence of International Security Threats to Tourism (in Greek)
17. Malagas, Κ. (2014) Framework for the Introduction and Management of New Electronic Services into Organisations with Special Characteristics (in Greek)
18. Nella, Α. (2012) The Effects of Consumer Experience Tourism on Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Strategy: An Empirical Study in the Field of Wine Tourism (in Greek)
19. Parisi, Ε. (2014) Assessment of Tourist Satisfaction in Island Destinations: The Case of Ionian Islands in Greece (in Greek)
20. Skoultsos, S. (2014) Events as Special Interest Tourism and as Leisure Time Activity: Market Characteristics and Management (in Greek)
21. Tsoka, Ι. (2014) Tourism as a Means of Developing Islands: Studying the Image of a Tourism Destination from the Demand and Supply Point of View, creating a Quantitative Model for its Measurement and applying it for the Development of Destinations (in Greek)
22. Vagianni, Ε. (2008) Sustainability Performance Analysis of the Special Tourism Products: The Case of Lesvos Island, Greece (in Greek)
23. Zagotsi, S. (2007) Social and Professional Mobility in the Tourism Sector: Empirical Approaches in Touristic Regions at Prefecture of Chalkidiki (in Greek)
24. Zouganeli, S. (2011) The Organizational and Communicational Features of the Greek Tourism Product: The Case of the Northern Aegean Region (in Greek)


Examination of three (3) doctoral theses as member of the examination committee (i.e. not involved in the supervision of the theses) at the University of Patras, Greece:
25. Avramopoulos, Α. (2011) The Strategies for Developing and Expanding Low-Cost Carriers and Greek Tourism (in Greek).
26. Kotsanidis, Α. (2009) Comparative Study of Competitiveness of Greek and Turkish Tourism: 1953-2007 (in Greek)
27. Vlami, Α. (2008) The Financing and Geographical Development of Greek Tourism: The Case of the Greek Hotel Industry 1950 – 2005 (in Greek)


Examination of one (1) doctoral thesis as member of the supervisory committee at the Hellenic Open University, Greece:
28. Marinakos, Κ. (2012) The Economic Impacts of Changes in Land Use due to Tourism Development and Other Human Activities (in Greek)


Examination of two (2) doctoral theses as member of the examination committee (i.e. not involved in the supervision of the theses) at the University of Thessaly, Greece:
29. Vogiatzis, Ν. (2013) An Analysis of Global Value Chains in Tourism – Spatial Aspects: Application in the Case of Greece (in Greek)
30. Zografos, G. (2009) The Impact of Special Events on the Development of Tourism Destinations: The Case of 2004 Olympic Games in Greece (in Greek)


Examination of four (4) doctoral theses at Cranfield University (School of Engineering, Department of Air Transport) in the United Kingdom as external examiner:
31. Alahdal, A. A. (2010) Family Support Plan for Middle Eastern Countries Following Aircraft Accidents
32. Itani, N. (2015) Policy Development Framework for Aviation Strategic Planning in Developing Countries
33. O’Connell, J. F. (2007) The Strategic Response of Full Service Airlines to the Low Cost Carrier Threat and the Perception of Passengers to Each Type of Carrier
34. Warnock-Smith, D. (2008) The Socio-Economic Impact of Air Transport in Small Island States: An Evaluation of Liberalisation Gains for the Caribbean Community (Caricom)


Examination of one (1) doctoral thesis at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom as internal examiner:
35. Li, G. (2004) Modelling and Forecasting UK Tourism Demand in Western Europe: Illustrations of TVP-LAIDS Models' Superiority over Other Econometric Approaches


Examination of one (1) doctoral thesis at the University of Tromsø in Norway as external examiner:
36. Can, V. V. (2013) Modelling Tourism Demand, Travel Mode Choice and Destination Loyalty


Examination of one (1) doctoral thesis at Monash University in Australia as external examiner:
37. Seetaram, N. (2010) The Determinants of International Tourism Flows : Empirical Evidence from Australia


Examination of one (1) doctoral thesis at the University of Otago in New Zealand as external examiner
38. Bakas, F. (2014) Tourism, Female Entrepreneurship and Gender: Greek Artisans Crafting New Economic Realities


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